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              President Message

Dear Professionals from Pharmaceutical, Bio Pharmaceutical, Bio Technology, Medical Devices,Clinical, Environmental, Chemical, Food, Nutrition and Cosmetic industries!

It seems clear that we share many of the same goals. You will be amazed at what Ideal Pharmaceutical Alliance can do for your business.

In today's regulatory environment it is crucial to be up-to-date and in compliance with the latest rules and regulations. Continuous education and contemporary approach are essential to get ahead in the competitive market and for compliance of day to day operation at work place.

Ideal Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) is dedicated to provide professional training for specialists with various backgrounds through educational and interactive seminars. We value the importance of gaining in-depth, practical education. Our seminars offer you the key for success, allowing you to participate in group exercises, to explore research possibilities, to share and showcase innovative ideas, to get insight from industry experts, to build networking opportunities, and to enhance your career development.

Taking advantage from new expert level is beneficial for the future operations of your company and for the entire community. Whether it is a comprehensive training program or a thorough refresher course, IPA specialists will teach you the skills and insights, which are necessary to ensure that your products and operations are compliant with FDA and Health Canada regulations. The seminars provide you an opportunity to meet outstanding, world-renowned experts from various industries, healthcare organizations, government agencies and research institutions.

Please, Come and join us. Find more information about our company, up-coming seminars and feedback, visit our website www.idealpharmaceuticalalliance.com or contact us by phone at 416-731-7072, 416-622-5055 Ext. 226

We look forward to hear from you,


Dr. Alia Nawaz, Ph.D. (Protein Chemistry),www.thealianawaz.com
President, CEO and Director of Scientific Affairs,
Ideal Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA)
Thank you for your patronage from all of us at Ideal Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA)!

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