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Gary Gnirss

Gary Gnirss (B.Sc.)
Sr. Technical Director - Bulcan Foodbev Consultants Inc.
President - Legal Suites Inc.

Bulcan Foodbev Consultants came into being in 1990 to serve the growing need expressed in the food industry for assistance with the complexities of food regulations and standards. The company, strategically located in the Toronto area (Canada), serves an international clientele with respect to Canadian and US food and consumer regulations. The company is well respected in industry and government.

Gary Gnirss joined BFB Consultants in 1991. Previous to joining BFB Consultants Gary Gnirss had worked for Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada in London (Ontario) and Toronto in a regulatory affairs position. The responsibilities of this position involved both domestically produced and imported food products. Two of the largest ports of entry from the US were part of this jurisdiction. Gary represented the interests of his department in coordinating inter-agency activities among federal, provincial, and municipal governments. Gary's position required highly specialized knowledge concerning regulations and manufacturing. His knowledge and experience, gained while employed with the federal government, is now an asset to BFB Consultants.

Gary complements his understanding of Canadian regulations with a technical background in food microbiology and biotechnology acquired at the University of Guelph, Ontario.

In January 1996 Gary cofounded the company LEGAL SUITES INC., and serves as its President. Legal Suites is an information technology based company that provides new, innovative and knowledge based software tools to industry, to facilitate the understanding and management of laws, regulations and policies.

Gary has also acted as an advisor to Advertising Standards Canada, which is the organization responsible for the clearance of all radio and television food and alcohol ads. Gary is involved in the Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology, serving as the Chair of the Government and Regulatory Affairs SIG since 1998.Gary has been writing the Regulatory Column in Food in Canada since 1997, (one of Canada's largest food publications http://www.foodincanada.com). In addition to writing, Gary is frequently asked to host conferences or present informative or continuing education seminars. More recently Gary has been working in cooperation with the Guelph Food Technology Centre in presenting workshops on Canadian regulatory issues such as nutrition labeling, basic labeling and ingredient labeling. In 2005 a US labeling workshop was introduced at the GFTC along with a US labeling guide and comprehensive reference CD. In 2007 more workshops and presentation were introduced such as on Organic Food Labeling in Canada, USA and EU, and Basic Canadian Food Law.

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