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Dr. Christopher Newton

Dr. Christopher Newton is both Chief Scientific Officer and a founding scientific team member of Argenta Discovery. Prior to Argenta, Chris spent 21 years working with international teams within Aventis/Rhone Poulenc in a variety of functions covering medicinal chemistry, high-throughput synthesis, and analysis and screening for lead generation, and process chemistry. He has nearly 50 learned journal articles and patents published and is a graduate of the University of Cambridge (1st and Emeleus prize holder) and holds a doctorate from the University of Sheffield (Turner Prize holder). Chris is a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS), Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Society of Medicines Research (SMR), and Society of the Chemical Industry (SCI). Since 1997 Chris has served as a committee member on the RSC Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Interest Group, and has co-organised several conferences. Chris held teaching fellowships and professorships at the University of Essex (1994-8) and University of Warwick (1995-99).

Argenta is a company specialising in the drug discovery process. Argenta takes biological (protein) targets as starting points, and converts them into clinical trial candidates for both clients and future partners. New technologies to aid in the discovery phase have been incorporated into Argenta's parallel optimisation paradigm. These technologies have been acquired from technology houses and from in-house development efforts. Information will be presented on the applications of microwaves to synthetic chemistry, laser-based high-content screening and in eADMET profiling, and will be illustrated by work recently conducted in our laboratories.

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