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Dr. Alia Nawaz

Dr. Alia Nawaz is the Founder and Director of Scientific Affairs of:

We are dedicated to provide compliance and regulatory training and continuing education, through informative and interactive seminars and workshops for various industries, such as Pharmaceutical, Bio-Tech, Medical Devices, NHP's, Environment and Food etc.

Seminars and workshops provide attendees an opportunity to meeting with outstanding, world-renowned experts from various industries, healthcare organizations, government agencies and research institutions. Our specialists provide knowledge and insights, which are necessary to ensure that pharmaceutical products and operations are compliant with FDA and Health Canada regulations.

Alia has obtained her PhD in Chemistry and has researched under well established research Institutes, across Europe such as:

Karolinska Institute Stockholm Sweden

HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry

Alia's research primarily focused on the characterization of functional proteins. Main contribution is in the field of elucidation of hemoglobin's structures. She conducted extensive research in isolation, purification and characterization of various active proteins. Her numerous research papers are published in the International Scientific journals and presented in conferences. She is Canadian citizen and has travelled through out Europe and Asia for several professional seminars and scientific conferences, including Noble Prize ceremony.

Many years Alia held managerial positions in Quality, R & D and Microbiology departments, working for world wide pharmaceutical companies including Getz Pharmaceutical and Abbott Laboratories. Alia has obtained her diploma in pharmaceutical research & development technology and several other educational and training certificates within related fields from Toronto. She has been involved in teaching pharmaceutical sciences and laboratory courses in Canadian Pharmaceutical Institution.

Alia has membership of several related associations and organizations including, Pharmaceutical Science Group, Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientist and Canadian Federation of Independent Business, CIFB. (Powered by Entrepreneurs).

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