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Ideal Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) is a progressive Canadian company. We offer seminars which deals with common issues concerned with Pharmaceutical, Pharmacy, Bio-Pharmaceutical, Bio-Technology, Medical Devices, Nutraceutical, Food, Cosmetics and Chemical industries.

We have Passionate and devoted Founders and Organizers with over 30 years of experience in the field. We are conducting our training, conference and seminar with the World renowned speakers. Our company is dedicated to excellence and realistic information. Our company's working environment is friendly yet professional atmosphere.

International and local regulatory challenges and solutions are addressed by former FDA inspectors and pharmaceutical industry experts. IPA provides innovative ways to companies to work with the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare system to ensure implementation of innovative products and services

Acquire guidelines for smaller and start-up firms to deploy efficient, cost effective and quality systems, where passing inspection and producing high quality products is easily achieved.

Our company is exclusive and is identified by Company Name, Logo, Tagline and Website. We also provide best business ethnicity, educational services and values.

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