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Chemistry and Cosmetics

The basic idea behind these terms is the problems facing the environment and human beings, such as air and water quality or recycling policies .

Chemical composition of the atmosphere, the basic chemical reactions, such as combustion and photochemical processes, and the stoichiometry of the reactions can be usual processed. This can be linked to the current condition of the world such as extreme events, snow melting, acid rain, global warming etc. Do you think these are usual process? It is anthropogenic. How it is related to chemistry?

Chemicals are the basic building blocks that make up all living and non-living things on Earth. Their impact on the environment is determined by the amount of the chemical that is released, the type and concentration of the chemical, and where it is found. Some chemicals can be harmful if released to the environment even when there is not an immediate, visible impact. Some chemicals are of concern as they can work their way into the food chain and accumulate and/or persist in the environment for many years. (Chemical substances, the government of Canada, 2011).Is this process is good for us? Do you want to survive in the future only eating genetically modified protein tablets?

By our programs, we are providing a platform for a wider examination of the environmental, health, and economic effects of smog in a chemical context.

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