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Technology has been devolped a lot for the past 20 years. Technologists have been developed methods and software tools for understanding biological data. Bioinformatics or computational biology combines computer science,statistic,mathematics, and engineering to study and process biological data and bio informatics is applicable in genetics and genomics, proteomics, cell study, molecular biology, biophysics etc. It can be used for research area, prediction, modelling, and design of complex biological systems. Bioinformatics is the one of the important helpful tool that can be used to find protein identity, structure and genomic origin. The scope of bioinformatics is endless. The current problems in bioinformatics are sequence alignment, gene assembly, gene finding, sequence alignment, gene expression etc.This computational technique can be used for finding root causes of serious health problems in the future.

We are inviting the professionals and technicians who are related to this most promising biological study to discover more surprising factors and ideas through our seminars and training programs.

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